Maddalena Arosio: Social Media With Beautiful Photos
Portrait of Maddalena Arosio by Sebastian Reuters

Migliora la tua presenza sui social media con immagini di alta qualità.

Hi I’m Maddalena! I’m Italian and I’ve chosen to be based in Berlin.

I love photography, visual storytelling, social media and organization. Together we can improve your online presence through the right visual strategy!

Let’s get in touch

mobile: +49 176 36786868

mail: madda (ät) maddalenaarosio.com


I have skills on both sides of the picture desk, in fact I worked as a photo editor, art buyer and also as a photographer for different agencies.

I’ve been managing assets for Getty Images, one of the most trusted and esteemed sources of visual content worldwide.

Social Media

I’ve enriched my proficiency in visual storytelling by being part of the Social Media Content Creation team for different German automotive brands like VW and Porsche, for which I curated high volumes of user generated content assets.

I’ve been producing visual content for Zalando, the leader fashion e-commerce company in Europe.

During my career I’ve demonstrated that I’m a very adaptable and fast hard worker. I’m used to dealing with complex personalities, big brands, international entertainment events, tight budgets and deadlines.

In addition to Italian, which is my native language, I also speak fluent German, English and Spanish. l also know a bit of French.

When I am not working I travel with my hula hoops and my camera.